Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quick Sketch:

Despite the organic nature of the "eggs", I still feel a compulsion to sand them back before adhering both sides together.
I love the marks that come onto the sandpaper from the chalk, 
You can barely see it but I tried sketching some eggshells onto the top of the chalk / sandpaper.

The Song of the Rotten Bridge.
Deep is the abyss, son, 
I see the weak bridge sway
But it's not for us, son, 
To choose the way.

The way I know
Is the one you must tread,
And all you will eat 
Is my bit of bread.

Of every four pieces you shall have three.

- Bertolt Brecht ( The Caucasian Chalk Circle)


  1. I love that chalk on the paper too, it's like paint swatches for a super arty house. Imagine if you could get paint that somehow had premade patterns when you put it on the wall!

  2. I mean, technically that's what wallpaper for, but I like the idea of painting it on and then suddenly there's a pattern there....