Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"I got me some better things to do."

I had an amazing time catching up with the adorable partner in crime Miss Delatique MUA. (Katie) and the fantasic artist Louise.

Also went along to The Alice Cooper Tribute Show rehearsal, whom seem to have a fantastic time each time they meet and are slowly becoming high up there on the list of my most watched local talent.

How come nobody ever told me Zen have blue lights? there anything Zen can't do?

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Well I'm not seventeen,But i've cuts on my knees."

It's been a busy few days for this little Tiger,
Seems the more I want to get away from the distractions of life, the more it decides to intrigue/worm itself into the time of those "more important things in life" that i keep talking about.
Finally got a chance to see some:
* good art (from all different periods of existence created by various age groups)

*good friends and eat good food (a few of us even had the chance to catch a beer with our teacher outside of class hours.)

I've been amazed by the professionalism and lack there of as each day passes of people in general..

To be honest i'm not sure if i'm disappointed, excited, apathetic or relieved.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Na zdrowie! (Cheers)

 It was super exciting to spend the ending of holidays/beginning of tafe with some exciting people celebrating the matrimony of the beautiful Mr & Mrs Bros.

Party Kitty & I made them a card,luckily they loved it.
If they didn't I could only imagine how heartbroken we'd be.

Now tafe has resumed, i'm all that is stressed,anxious and somewhat nauseous as there is not enough time in the day/i'm too useless to stop getting distracted by the taste of freedom to actually be productive in a good way.

Excursion to Damien Minton gallery was just amazing,Thank you for not being one of those people.
Was so impressed I could have given you a hug.

Mike & Nat's Beagle - Buttons

Mike & Nat

Random lady : *looks up and down* "I really dig your outfit, fully sick subwoofer"

If their life was a musical.

For health.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"I cannot fucking breathe,Can't be sure if I need to"

These past few weeks i've felt more emotions then I have this whole year.
Thanks to all for the reassurance that the paths i'm choosing won't leave me stranded.
Still can't shake that tight chested anxiousness.
Managed to fit in some gigs, adventures and lovely events knowing there are a few more upcoming is a great relief.

A great welcome back to the new Blatherskite and the new Destend.

"He looked in my eyes and said
He was looking for
The warrior in me.
But he will not find him
Today he's having a
Little Break
Not ashamed…
For today
Beauty is allowed
For the eyes,
For the ears,
For the mind and for the soul… "
Eilera - Break.