Friday, April 29, 2011

Studio Extension : Reinventing your Architecture.

Or rather my architecture,If done properly i can  lace it all the way up / feel my blood pumping.
Will revisit with make up,etc prior to assessments.
Puffy morning face is never a good look.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


images:  1/2/3 : new/prototypes for brooches for the shop based on the "deer in the headlight" photos of Danjer , 4/5/8: Playing with drypoint etching, 6/7: pieces of what may end up being a set of curtains? mostly hand embroidered, 9/10/11: this weeks blackboard (words taken from When Abramovic Dies, Strangeland -Tracey Emin & Third Eye - Tool) 12: My Little Teapot 13/14: Are meant to be statement prototypes,attempt = fail.

A pint of guiness and a good chat makes exsistence feel better.

Mother Eel @ The Lewisham.

Featured Talent are: McLovin, Inebrious Bastard, Mother Eel, Sore.
 Not the most exciting pics from the night, but landscape imagery in my blog makes me happy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Saying something profound,I'm sure."

Words from : The art of Tracey Emin - Edited by Mandy Merk and Chris Townsend.

So, I've been procrastinating even procrastinating.
Study vacation was spent reinventing my space(s) around the house and in turn getting sick.
Trying to make my space more idiot friendly, most of the mess comes from me not having a system.
The clipboards are probably the most efficient thing in my room so far(not  only are they clipboards, but blackboards,hanging systems and drawing boards. (I say hanging systems because i'm too cheap to frame my work as yet ) )
Also I was hoping to make an artwork from the books i've been studying.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Studio Extension/Framing Time: Jenni E.

images 1-4 excerpts from a stop motion I'll play around with in the holidays from the images for my studio extension class.
image:5 one version of my framing time assessment (something,something, revolutions..something..)

Thanks so much Jen for your endless ammount of patience with me, I truly appreciate you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

8 Ball @ Valve Bar

Atleast my facebook hiatus is going full steam ahead,even if my gig one is not.
Nine more sleeps till i'm back in the real world.

Fabricated Worlds: Reciprocity

images 1-4 : Nathan's Robe,Ari's Ball, myself
 I suppose the clever way to go about this would have been to light it the same way as i did the first robe shots.
There were a few ways we went about this project, Ari and I had to work together to incorporate both our objects into it.
The ball was thrown to and at me as I tried to capture my movements and avoid the ball hitting me in the face,She mentioned wishing that she didn't lose her original ball as it was a baseball..sadist :p

Friday, April 1, 2011

Studio Extension: Doe in the headlights.

"I am, I will
So no longer will I
Lay down, play dead
Play your doe
In the headlights locked down
And terrified
Your deer in the headlights
Shut down and horrified when
Push comes to pull comes to shove
Comes to step around this
Self-destructive dance
That never would've ended 'til
I rose,
I roared aloud here
I will, I am"

image: 1 & 2 : Miss Strychnine,  song excerpt: Rose - A Perfect Circle.

A last minute attempt at doing my homework. 
Uni discussion over read into the images and partly ruined it for me,
Luckily any time with Dane is an amazing time.