Saturday, March 24, 2012

My sentiments exactly.

Rosie and I bulk purchased MANY half pans of water colour.
So it appears to be my medium of choice while I figure out the best way to prepare myself for working towards grad. show.
Seems most of the materials I work with are supposed to be "therapeutic", but all this sewing, cutting, (french) knitting, is quite nauseating, the joys of time constraints I suppose.
I did however enjoy starting these two drawings just for the fun of it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ennui Overcome.


Images are:
1: New Years "Resolution" 1 , learn how to knit. 
2: Happy snap from LaCroix Mystique's fashion shoot with model Graendal that I did the make up for.
3: Thrifted some AMAZING rubick's cubes that i'll use in a shoot (very) soon.
4: Compelled to draw triangles because of the rubick's cubes.
5: Some how ended up making a knitted bow.
6/7: Fun times with Punk Monk Propaganda and Jay.(many small kids , some jelly wrestling)
8: River near Windsor.
9: Pretending I'm an artist whilst the artists were doing some Live Art. 
10: Fun times with Punk Monk at Jurassic Lounge.
11.Pretty Rad gig pic fail by my beloved broken camera.

There were a few times where I wish I had my camera on me. 
Missed so many sunrises, sunsets,wide open spaces and torrential rains.
Were many more pictures to barrage you with, but luckily for everyone I misplaced my other camera in the back of Jay's car. 

Also a very, very, very, very,very big thank you to those who  have let me stay at their house / fed me / drove me around in my attempts of getting to work in strange places.
The rapid rate of which life is passing, seems to allow me to reassess my life (choices) faster than ever before.
 My quest of finding "home" has never before been so valid and I appear to become slightly more awkward with age.
 Thanks for keeping me alive thus far.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Heavy Metal Lover.

So, Here it is. 
My submission to Pimp my Ukulele.
The exhibition had a mention on Channel 10 & The City Weekly.
One deer was decapitated in the making of this Uke. 
Despite how dodgy it looks this is the longest I've ever spent on non study relative work, it is a homage to one of the greatest teachers I have ever had, whom at the time had a run in with cancer.
Luckily for all our sakes he's back to being 110% awesome now.