Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where is your existentialism now?

Well, It's almost the time of the year where we start looking at the commodification of the artistic integrity we have forced to the surface over the past three years (or lack there of...).
And I still don't know how to explain myself.
In the inability to do so, i've watched the  documentary on Louise Bourgeois again..procrastinating the essay I've yet to develop any further than writing some notes and pondering on how someone can be so methodical with their work over such an extended period of time.

Life,What a peculiar thing.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Essence : Not built to last.

Yeah, You guessed it.
Another artist and their bloody blog.
But, It's come to that part of the year/course where my art and i need some degree of separation...
Well atleast so I stop telling people that I don't even know beyond a work environment, that it is "tedious and disgusting"
So, The latest issue with these non archival linear embroidery images of the ever amazing  Alexis. 
Is i'm not entirely sure how to place them into the perspex...white paper behind? or not?
Either way shall end up in one of those mini animations i'll be working on somewhere post framing of the end of year works.