Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lo!, Agonhymn, Mother Eel, Mish, Brazen Bull, Moth, Broozer, Not Like Horse, Lomera, TheDownGoing, The Holiday Project, Yurei, Ivan and The Back Packers, Snakes Get Bad Press, Dark Horse @ The Sando / Black Wire.

This was so awesome, I'm still singing and dancing around the place.
Thanks to Aj for the banana,Belle for the  freaking amazing cakes & to everyone who took part in making me feel this good a week before uni goes back. 
 I especially enjoyed all the big smiles and hugs.
Was  also further excited by those who donated to Lisa's RSPCA fundraiser.
Lauren's cupcakes were so good!
Excellent work Grindhead & Von Grimm records.