Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Na zdrowie! (Cheers)

 It was super exciting to spend the ending of holidays/beginning of tafe with some exciting people celebrating the matrimony of the beautiful Mr & Mrs Bros.

Party Kitty & I made them a card,luckily they loved it.
If they didn't I could only imagine how heartbroken we'd be.

Now tafe has resumed, i'm all that is stressed,anxious and somewhat nauseous as there is not enough time in the day/i'm too useless to stop getting distracted by the taste of freedom to actually be productive in a good way.

Excursion to Damien Minton gallery was just amazing,Thank you for not being one of those people.
Was so impressed I could have given you a hug.

Mike & Nat's Beagle - Buttons

Mike & Nat

Random lady : *looks up and down* "I really dig your outfit, fully sick subwoofer"

If their life was a musical.

For health.

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