Monday, May 5, 2014


When chilling with one of my besties and his pal the other week, 
He said his teacher once told him to look out for happy accidents.
I reflected upon that idea while trying to do some watercolours of the eggs, I wanted to add some colours from the "palette" I created last year.
As friend of ours and learning how to hula hoop seems to leave me with constant bruises so I wanted to add some of those pretty colours into the mix.
Then I noticed the light coming through the window that reflected onto the eggs like a rainbow bruise and I had a giggle.

Next is tempura sidewalk chalk eggs, that sort of look like macarons. 
Despite only graduating from university formally as of last week it seems my skills are already getting rusty. 
I think they are kind of cute none the less, either way there will be 600 of them in total.

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