Friday, December 24, 2010

Changes: 01 (Re: Band photography 2011)

I recieved this email from my teacher and suddenly everything that was horrid this year, was worth it.

Hi Fiona,
Is it okay for me to publish your gorgeous image that was hung at Mary Place – see attached.. The publication is the Art and Design Resource, as like the previous years...

Oh dear what am I to do when you are gone,, such a talent you are..
Take care.
C    "

Then it finally sank in, I COMPLETED TAFE!

Now to the first change in that which is my life :

Due to some occurances over the past few years, i've now come to the conclusion i'll be minimising my gig attendance considerably over the next few years.

For the past three years, i've been trying to palm off my gig experiences as a complimentary extra curricular addition to my assessments but as a good friend of mine warned me it is dangerous to mix a hobby with work it's been getting increasingly difficult to justify my work load ratio which any free time i may actually get.

Most of you know me as roadie,photo/merch lady but aside from gigs i study full time,work very casually and play my own instruments.

Long story short if i travel interstate for you, spent over 8 hours in/on/wanting to be under/around public transport to make it to your gig,do you a favour there is a certain ettiquette i would have assumed was common sense to uphold.

If you do use an image i have taken of you, i don't ask you to credit me because i want financial remuneration, want to be your friend, want to convert your religion,etc  every little mention helps me bump up that distinction average i've got my sights on.

Thanks to all the bands that were amazing to me,those who understand $10 = one month of mi goreng lunches and Black Belle Webzine.
I really do appreciate you and will continue to support you in the future.

For those who missed Katie's 21st / UT8B

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