Tuesday, December 7, 2010

But you stumble,back towards the edge.

Since this barely even hints at all the amazing things i've been up to these past two weeks,i'll post this blog in two parts, may put up the rest of the pictures next week from the grad. shows,etc.
I've literally been everywhere from berry/ the blue mountains and what a feeling it is (i'm run down and slightly ill looking).
For making all the effort worth it, i recieved a piece of paper for "recognition of excellence" for the 2nd year in a row, for a little Tiger like myself that reassurance goes along way.

A million thanks to everyone who kept me alive thus far, your participation in questionable activities from attending gigs that are not your taste of music just because i want to be there to being covered in fake blood or wrapped in wool is truly commendable.

It was a moving experience saying goodbye both for the year and for the end of three years of tafe,
Now just waiting for my job contract to end and to know if i'm going to be a SCA child next year, i've already began changing some things around and hope to emerge as a new and improved version of self by next year.

p.s, i got flickr to be a tad more reliable with the band photos getting from me to you in future.

Under the 8 ball / Sykosapien:


being a rabbit @ Club 77

Yellowbird / Pom Pom @ Club 77 

Mass Burial @ East West Grind Fest

Jesus Christ - GG Allin Tribute Show

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