Monday, August 13, 2012

Truth Corroded & Ouroboros @ Venom

Since the awesome news re: our new (old) drummer, 
I've been contemplating life, too much. 
(despite my rage) I feel a sense of relief/calm/ content, 
After trying to make a 30 before 30 list / bucket list I realised I've achieved the main things I have ever wanted to,
With the love, support and energy of people that mean the world to me.
When I was at tafe, I got a thin line scarification with "Primitive Mind", Lyrics from "Animal,Man,,,Machine" daintily cut into my back, as a sign of my impulsive stupidity of course it contained incorrect spelling.
But it served a purpose that is still relevant.
(and in time will become revised) 

In mere months I'll even graduate from uni, 
It's almost unfathomable.
Anyway, Enough about me. 

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