Saturday, January 14, 2012


One of the sweetest, greatest and up most appreciated words to ever come from a doctors mouth.
Although I forgot to ask two questions about other health relative things, for the most part i'm overly relieved. 
(So far) 

Overall, i'm already more impressed with this year more so than last.
Aware, things are still to get worse, before they are better.
The taste of win,turps, ink and paint sure are on the tip of my tongue.
Despite not getting a chance to use Katatonia's profound words to "see how fucking good it all could be" and going away without telling a soul.
In order to keep my overall spirits up, i'm ensuring I will be varied types of busy this year.

Images are:
1-2 : Sneek Peeks. Uni Work /  Pimp my Ukulele. 
3: Present from the amazing Rosie.
4 - 9: Visit to the abandoned Dunlop Factory.
10-16; Graze Pyrmont (SO GOOD!)
17-26: Moon Festival Cabramatta

1 comment:

  1. Benign - always a happy result. xxx

    Dunlop Factory - Me wants to go there!