Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ouroboros @ The Gaelic Club/Vanessa's 22nd. Part I.

The other day  i was asked why i why i hold this band in such a high regard, so i complied a short summary of what i have learnt over the few years (but don't really need to share it here)
Unlike most bands in the "scene" they are truly a gift that keeps on giving and some of my fondest memories have been at these gigs from erina to canberra and various venues in between.

Conti, I'd like to thank you again for all you've done for me over these (approx. five) years.
You've seen me through high school, tafe and now i'm half way through my uni degree.
You've heard all my dreams/fears/failures (with music, art and general life ),encouraged and advised  me to be the best i can be and nothing less.
Not once have you raised your voice or put me down,even when i try my best to annoy you.
You brighten up even the most tedious of weeks just by playing that stupid riff.

Your time, patience and belief in me has made me shaped me into a better person and i am forever grateful for that.

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