Wednesday, May 4, 2011


image: 1- White Rabbit Gallery ,2-4 : thrifted/ birthday present pigs, two of which are surprises for party kittens mum..though i really want to keep the one with the red eyes.5: Drawings/watercolours of Mother Eel that i started what feels like years ago (but is atleast one year )  and decided i should probably finish them eventually. 6-8: Words from The body aesthetic : From Fine Art to body modification,PJ Harvey - The piano , 9-10 Adrift for Days @ The Excelsior Hotel surry hill , Ouroboros @ The Gaelic Club 

With This Little Teapot exsistence has begun quite an ongoing experience of (sub) culture.
I'm aware of the random image overload, so i'll post this blog in two parts over the next few days.

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