Saturday, February 25, 2012

King Parrot @ The Bald Face Stag

Talent are: 
King Parrot
Inebrious Bastard
Infested Entrails
Festering Drippage

One word. Wow.
(Even with a partially crap sound guy (no offence dude, just sayin`), this gig was amazing, I even got to knit)
(Thanks to the Grindhead family Bubsy, Lisa, Bruce, Nathan.) 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kultur3 @ Sweeny's Hotel (That shit cray.)

Lately i've taken a special appreciation to people who are passionate and gel well in a team situation. 
Kultur3 displayed this  and then some.
Not one negative comment was made about my religion, music preference, ethnicity or dirty looks from other photographers that mistake me for a groupie, just because of my gender.
Over all, this event ticked all the boxes for what it took to win. 
Minus the DJ's  & crew about 107 bodies rocked out to emerging and established talent.
If that doesn't sound like much, the courtyard was absolutely packed.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

NKTWR @ Valve Bar,Tempe.

In excitement in getting my new camera last week,  I formatted all my memory cards,
Found these pictures on there, seems odd to only get one band of the night.
I do believe this is the second last gig i've shot with a broken camera.
It will be different not having broken gear,that was almost my "thing".

Monday, February 6, 2012

These past few weeks truly have been a blast, despite being tired and getting eventually getting sick I even had the chance to embark on a mini road trip to newcastle and back just for the fun of it and to spend time with two of my dearest friends.
For the most part I wish I had my camera on me,but these things happen.
Started my new job last week, it was quite adorable.
There's something about small children that impresses me, some of them are so creative.

Images are: 
1: A brooch with one of my favourite words for Em.
2 - 4: Etchings from a series I'll be working on this year (you would have seen one of the images last year) 
5: Sketch from a ladies night at the Sando's Life Drawing group.